Sunday, September 1, 2013

Sony XTRUD Smartphone

Sony XTRUD Smartphone, the Way Phone Should be in
We'r in 2013!!! Currently different vendor have their share and their market in the current world. Apple and Samsung are beating each other. 

Sony came up smartphone series called XPERIA which is also a nice one. HTC as well as NOKIA this all brands come up with big competition with different Operating System and different specification. Today, this blog is mainly for smartphone lover. Here's finally novelty : Sony XTRUD.

Sony XTURD, an awesome as well as amazing design. Designer Rybrczyk Francois did a fantastic job with concept features a sustainable and economic vision of the modern world. The handset incorporates one part that include all the component and a simple aluminum look.

The idea is to easily replace all components via a modular concept. You can change the camera module with the newest Sony cam, but let's be honest here: phone makers are afraid of such devices because they wouldn't sell their new models, that's why we'll never see such a phone. The Sony XTRUD feels a bit like a combo between Nokia Lumia and iPod, with a twist of the designer's unique approach.

The nifty idea the volume control by  rotating the wheel at the lower area of the device. The result here is a beautiful and original Sony Android concept, that actually looks hot and will last for many years.

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